Special Needs Children

As board Trustee, I would plan to be a voice of advocacy for continued excellence in the kind accommodation of our precious special needs children. Our son Isaac has suffered for most of his young life from severe epileptic seizures, and associated learning, expressive and motor delays. In 2006, at age four, we enrolled Isaac in the early intervention "PPCD" program for at-risk children at South Knoll Elementary. Care was given first to the assurance of his medical safety, without which there could be no education. We were delighted to witness his rapid developmental progress in social interaction, tolerance to stimulus, speech, and pre-academic knowledge and skills. We were amazed with each administrative interaction and "ARD" planning session at the professionalism, competence, dedication, and genuine concern which was directed toward our son. Isaac is now a kindergarten student of the incomparable Mrs. Henry at Rock Prairie Elementary, and is scheduled to attend, with extensive resource support, a mainstream first grade class in the Fall.

The care given to Isaac has fulfilled the state expectation of reasonable accommodation for special needs. It has exceeded that expectation by the personal efforts of dedicated individuals who have sensitively assessed his particular obstacles and crafted an individualized education plan which addresses his personality and modes of optimal learning progress. We know that it has greatly brightened the prospects for his future. I see a district which is truly committed to success in each life, and this honorable tradition is one which I firmly wish to see continued.

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