Sound Science Standards

My initial interest in the school board grew from observing the debate in Austin surrounding formulation of the 2010-2020 TEKS standards for the sciences. I feel strongly that we must respect the considered judgments of our most distinguished scholars regarding curriculum content in all subjects, including evolutionary biology, geologic gradualism and big-bang cosmology. Several members of the State Board of Education have recently argued for teaching the "strengths and weaknesses" of the standard understanding of these topics. This innocuously phrased mandate may even sound the ring of science in the ear of many citizens. However, imposing false ambiguity on hard-won knowledge is not valid scientific skepticism. Skepticism in the face of a preponderance of evidence is only unreasonable doubt.

Recognizing that such matters are generally settled at the state level, I affirm my intention to honor the determinations of that body. To do otherwise would undermine and devalue the high office which I currently seek. However, I intend firmly in this local office to be a voice for, and vigilant defender of, sound science education standards.

I have no interest in our schools or government being in any manner anti-religion. In point of fact, I attend a local church with my own family. I rather simply wish to ensure that our science classrooms remain only and purely devoted to the instruction and training of true science. As I prepared to mount a public campaign focused on this important issue, a concern grew within me about the possible response of my deeply religious parents and brothers. Their background is common to a great many in our community, state and nation. They are not natural scientists by profession, and had seldom heard presented (other than in pieces from me) the profound evidences which chronicle the history of our Universe, the Earth, and life upon it. As we talked, their simple answer - that we do not fear truth in any of its many forms - heartened me greatly. I sincerely wish that people of faith would not perceive advances in our understanding of nature's processes as a threat. Certain of her revelations have shocked our senses and shaken na´ve conceptions of our place. But always she has revealed also order, simplicity, elegance and concision of universal law, and made us richer in the knowing. Let us not be afraid of truth, in any of its many forms.

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